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Mom Cafes are occasional mom’s nights out where we come together to learn about and encourage each other in momming! Join us for nights on marriage, school choice, game night, play-dates, and more!

-Raising BRAVE Kids: August Mom Cafe-

Pre-Teens - High School


We know the world can be a really difficult place for all of us to live in! It’s especially a tough place for kids and it’s a tough place to be a Christian. Join us for our August MomCafe to talk about how to help our kids represent Christ in every area of their lives! This month, MomCafe will look a little different…we will sit around tables to get information, resources, and exchange ideas on how to help our kids! Table topics include:

  • Talking about relationships, dating, and sex

  • Boundaries in extracurricular activities

  • Responding to tragedy

  • Finding value, identity and worth in Christ

  • Finding the right friends and mentors

  • Developing positive mother/daughter relationships

  • Boundaries with social media and technology

  • Preparing for school and college

Each topic will be presented from a Biblical perspective. Topics will challenge us and help us to think and re-think about ways we support our kids to be the image of Christ in a world that is not our own! We can’t wait to chat!

August Mom Cafe
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Monday, August 26th
6:30-8:00 pm
WALK Church Offices
8810 S Maryland Pkwy,
Las Vegas, NV 89123