Happy Camper: Rest That Goes Beyond The Nap

Is there anything better than that feeling when the house is quiet, the chores are finished and you have no plans for the afternoon other than a cup of tea and a good book? As moms, we think we long for this kind of “rest.” We think that if we can just get the kids to bed early we will get some “rest.” But the rest we can find in our Father goes so far beyond being “not-tired.” Resting in his truth and grace will radically change the way our days and lives look and feel. Vanessa Hartsell will talk about redefining rest and determining priorities so you can truly enjoy God and his gifts even when you’re surrounded by chaos and distraction.


Vanessa Hartsell
 is a dynamic speaker, author and leadership trainer who is passionate about world change! She has been speaking professionally for the past 12 years throughout the US. Originally from Michigan; Vanessa calls Las Vegas, Nevada her home. Vanessa has a heart for people to grow in intimacy with Christ. She is passionate about transforming potential into action. At the age of 24, Vanessa founded her ministry, Ignite Life, with the mission to equip, empower, and mobilize women to be the spark that ignites change in the world for the sake of Christ. Out of her desire to mobilize women in the Church, 1 small conference gave birth to a movement of Christian women. Although this ministry is a huge priority in her life, her first ministry to is to her family. Vanessa has been married to her “prince” Evan, for 8 years and her life is filled with joy and chaos raising her two boys and sweet girl (Owen, 6 yrs. & Ethan, 4 yrs. & Charlotte 18 months).