Breakout Sessions:
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Opening Speaker- Alex Burgess

Breakout 1:

  • Navigating Your Way Up The Mountain- Studying your Bible in the middle of the chaos
    - LynnAnn Lescenski

  • Mail Day: Letters Back Home- Bringing every thought - big and small - to God, through prayer and fasting
    - Pat Meye

  • Happy Camper: Rest That Goes Beyond The Nap- Creating margin that brings a sacred rhythm to our lives

    - Vanessa Hartsell

Breakout 2:

  • Bunk Mates for Life- Building intimate marriages that go beyond survival
    - Azim & Sara Jessa

  • Protect & Preserve- Creating smart technology boundaries for your family

    - Danny & Carly Aldis

  • in-TENT-ional Parenting- Capturing the everyday opportunities to disciple your children

    - Candace Worthington

Breakout 3:

  • 1-2-3-4, My Emotions Are At War- Understanding our emotions as moms so we can help our children understand theirs

    - Kimberly Malloy

  • Taking In The View From Another Perspective- Seeing our mom-bod through the eyes of our creator not our critical lens

    - Mary Ricciardi

  • Calamine Lotion for Your Soul- Guidance through grief and loss as a mom, daughter, sister, or friend

    -Michelle Blakeley

Closing Speaker- Vanessa Hartsell