Bunk Mates for Life

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was...your marriage. Sometimes it can be pure bliss, sometimes it’s survival mode. But all of the time, it requires teamwork, healthy communication and love. Being raised in different households and traditions, with different communication styles and habits, this can seem like a monumental task. In this session, Sara and Azim Jessa will talk through strategies for creating intimate marriages that look the way God intended.


Sara and Azim Jessa
have been married nearly 15 years and entering their 20th year as a couple. Azim and Sara share an adventurous, love-filled life. Currently they are navigating the roads of parenting a pre-teen girl with grace, learning the “dance world,” and following their 9 year old son’s dreams of playing in the NHL, as he learns to skate. Like expert circus clowns, they juggle parenting, working together, business ownership, ministry leadership and a silly social schedule that brings enriching friendships and frequent travel.