Breakout... TWO

Gimme S'More Jesus!

It's hard to make time for Jesus when you have dishes to do, laundry to fold and children to feed. Especially if you want to be a "good mom" who has fun with her kids and gives them her full attention. But the time you spend with Him sets the tone for every other part of your life, and making this time is the only way to live out your purpose. Come learn from a mama who has lived life both ways,and decided to do something to change after she realized what life looked like when she got "too busy."

Makeout (with your husband) Spot

After kids come along, it can be hard to make your marriage a priority. Date nights become less frequent. Weekends are spent doing projects at home or hopping between sporting events. And sex? Forget about it. We're too tired. Come hear about why your marriage should be the second most important relationship in your life (the Bible does say so, after all), and some practical tips for making it a priority.

Parent Powow - Raising a Child with Special Needs

You get the call, and your life is turned upside down. Your child has autism, ADHD, a speech delay or one of many other diagnoses that mean life is going to be a little bit harder for them than it is for other kids. Everything you once thought to be right, is wrong. Or at least that's how it feels, until you uncover a "new normal" for your family. Come hear from a mama who has been there - and who knew she couldn't tackle it alone. She will share her experience in processing the news, crying out to her Father for help, and then finding a way forward for her children.

Behavior Boot Camp

Are toddler tantrums and homework battles taking over your time with your tiny tribe? Do you feel like you’re constantly on the losing side of an argument with someone half your size? There are so many books out there that give strategies for how to best manage the worst behaviors, who has time to read them all? Join this session to learn from a mama of two strong-willed children, a youth pastor’s wife and a special education teacher for elementary aged children. She’s read all the books, and will share tools and tips that will ensure you leave feeling empowered to handle even the most difficult behaviors, keeping Christ at the center of every interaction.