Breakout... THREE

Trailblazers: Learn From Those Who Have Gone Before

Been there, done that. Join four Moms who have raised children who love the Lord and know their value in his eyes. Come prepared with questions, this will be an open Q&A!

Last One at the Campfire...And Loving It

As a Mom, we get so wrapped up in the lives of our children. A positive report card or first place in a spelling bee is "our" success. We feel worthwhile when we see our children giving up their free time to help somone in need. It's easy to lose our own identities as we pour so much out into our children. But who are we when our kids no longer need us every day? When that day comes, we will either face a major identity crisis or we will know who we are. This session will explore how to figure out who we are created to be, and know clearly who we are in Him.

Get Your Grizzly Mama in Check

Your kids have refused every item you've offered for breakfast, you were up all night with a teething toddler, your preschooler refuses to wear anything but the purple tutu she spilled marinara sauce on last night, and you have to be at school dropoff in 10 minutes. The next person who asks you for something is going to feel the full brunt of your wrath. Or at least they would have last week. Learn some tools for dealing with those stressful Mom moments we all face, without losing control and having to beg forgiveness five minutes before you lose it again.

Navigating the Trails of Working Mom Guilt

ALL mamas wrestle with ‘mom guilt’, but us moms that work outside of the home sometimes swallow an extra dose. But when is it ‘mom-guilt’ vs. the Holy Spirit's conviction in our lives? Let’s look at what mainstream Christian culture in America says and feels about it all, and how scripture is used for the different viewpoints. If you are battling guilt…let’s talk! There is plenty of mom-grace to be eaten up at this table!!