Breakout... ONE

First Aid for Your Mama Heart: Moms are expected to be Wonder Women by perfectly balancing work life and home life with sports, school, church, appointments, and Pinterest thrown in. No wonder it's easy to lose track of ourselves in the midst of our family's chaos. This workshop will help the busy mom restore balance and a bit of sanity with it, and teach about ways to carve out calm in the midst of your storm.

Conquering the Obstacle Course of Fostering and Adoption: Being a mom is tough. Being a foster or adoptive mom can feel like climbing a vertical wall with three kids in tow. In this session, hear from a fellow adoptive mom who has been there and conquered that. Find encouragement in her journey. You'll gain insight on keeping your family strong and yourself healthy.

Bring Back Kumbaya: You’ve found the one whom your soul loves, and you’re ready to start a life together. But that “one” comes along with two more. God has called you to love and raise these children that you didn’t bear, but the child did not choose you and may not love you. It can be one-sided and heart-breaking for many years. Hear from a “Bonus Mom” about the different types of blended families, different reactions &tactics based on different age groups, how to keep the marriage alive and – most important – continuing to love like Jesus did throughout it all.

Archers, Take Your Mark!  "It starts at home." We've all heard the phrase, but when it actually comes time to take action, we're paralyzed. We know that children should get their biblical foundation at home, but there's so much to do! So much to teach! How will we ever make sure our children learn all of the lessons from the bible? And how do we go about teaching a child with a 10 minute attention span what these lessons mean for their lives? This session will share some hands on techniques for discipling your young children, and how to have some fun along the way.