Taking In The View From Another Perspective

Am I pretty enough? Am I slim enough? Will I ever feel good about myself? I won’t. I’ll never be good enough. I am too much. I ate too much today. I will feel better if I have some ice cream. I will feel better if I run an extra hour tomorrow. As women, loving ourselves can be hard. Until we understand who God says we are and can silence the lies we tend to believe, it may be impossible. Mary Ricciardi will talk about how to love ourselves to wellness by understanding who the Creator says we are, finding peace personally and as an example for our children.

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Mary Ricciardi
is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Weight Loss Coach, Certified Sports Nutrition Coach and Certified in Fitness Nutrition and Training. She encourages wellness from a place of love and worthiness. Mary believes that peace is the ultimate goal when it comes to a forever warrior strong lifestyle. She believes that fitness is for all bodies and that we are all athletes, and that our path to vitality and self love can be found through surrendering and consistently moving and nourishing our body and mind daily. She is the founder of Warrior Strong Wellness a transformational supplement line where a portion of the proceeds is donated toward childhood cancer research. She spreads wellness wisdom and mindset empowerment on social media and her website www.warriorstrongwellness.com.