Navigating Your Way Up The Mountain

Thousands of pages. Sixty-six books. Forty-ish authors. Different translations and commentaries. A living and active word. To many, the Bible can be overwhelming. Often, we turn to a quick devotion or podcast that just makes complete sense. Something we can squeeze in when no one is asking for anything or there’s no meal to be cooked or dishes to wash (which, in most houses with kids, is like... never). While expert perspective can certainly enhance our understanding of scripture, there is no replacement for studying the bible yourself. And there’s nothing else that can fill your cup to overflowing with an abundance of truth and grace for your children. This workshop by Lynn Ann Lescenski will teach different Bible study methods and impress the importance of studying God’s written word with only the leading of the Holy Spirit.

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Lynn Ann Lescenski
is a native Las Vegan and has been married to her high school sweetheart, John, for 29 years. They have two daughters, Rebecca and Abigail. Lynn Ann has been a member of the choir and taught Bible study as well as various workshops at Shadow Hills Baptist Church. She works as a school counselor at Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School where she specializes in college counseling. Lynn Ann's greatest passion is being used by God, most specifically at Bible Study Fellowship, where she’s served in the evening class as the Substitute Teaching Leader for the past 20 years, teaching Bible seminars, giving lectures, and mentoring women in their Christian walk.