The Invitation

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I have never been in the “popular crowd.”  During high school, I remember wanting to have a Sweet 16 Birthday Party.  We couldn’t afford the elaborate parties that many girls had, but my grandmother agreed to hosting a small get together.  She bought the over-priced, but popular Sweet 16 Birthday decorations at the store, and she pulled out all the recipes she knew were hits at parties she had hosted over the decades.  It was the end of my sophomore year of high school and I invited some friends from school.  The day of the party we decorated and I eagerly awaited my guests to arrive.

I waited.  I waited.  And I waited.

As the time ticked by, I thought no one was coming.  My heart was so sad.  Then, there was a knock at the door. 

I did the rush to the door but pretend you weren’t rushing to the door thing.  I answered it and there stood a friend whom I had a difficult time with that year at school, and her seemingly new best friend, the captain of the cheerleading squad.  They came in and looked around.  We exchanged awkward pleasantries and ate some of the food my grandmother had prepared.  A few other people showed up and it was time for the birthday cake. 

It was an odd, tense, and uncomfortable setting during the traditional birthday cake and candles.  I went to grab a soda from the fridge and when I walked back into the room, my entire face was greeted with a gigantic piece of my own birthday cake.  The captain of the cheerleading squad stood there laughing hysterically holding the plate that held the piece of cake that was now all over my face, clothes, and on the floor.  I slowly wiped the cake from my face and felt as though I was the most unwanted, unpopular person.  Ever.  

Now I know this sounds like a scene from a late 1990’s cheesy teen love story; but it is one of many memories that remind me that I have never been cool, a part of the “in crowd,” or even had a chance to be invited to participate in those crowds and events that seem so important at very pivotal points in my life. 

Maybe you can relate to someone in the story.  Maybe it’s me.  Maybe it’s the captain of the cheerleading squad.  Maybe it’s the friend caught in the middle.  Maybe it’s the family that seemed oblivious to what was going on despite seeing a hurting heart. 

One of the most intimate and coolest things about The Bible is seeing how God’s story of redemption relates and connects with my deepest needs. 

We will be looking at the book of John together this year with Ignite Life, and there is such a beautiful question that Jesus asks at the end of Chapter one.  As always, when we read the Bible, we need to take the context of a verse in the chapter it’s written in, as well as the context of the entire Bible.  Chapter one opens with an explanation of the deity of Jesus (vs. 1-5).  Following these first verses, John the Baptist and his role in the greatest story is explained; that “he was not the Light, but he came to testify about the Light.” (John 1:8 NASB).  The deity of Jesus is continued to be explained in verses 14-18.  Verses 19 through 34 continues to give detail about John the Baptist’s role in Jesus beginning His ministry by being baptized.  And then, in verses 35 to 51, we see Jesus meeting His disciples.  In verse 38, Jesus notices that two of John the Baptist’s disciples are following Him.  He turns and says to them, “What do you seek?” 

Isn’t that a beautiful, deep, thought-provoking, and intense question to ask?  What do you seek?  What is it that you are looking for that will heal the deepest wounds of your soul?  What is the that thing you so desperately need, desire, and want that can only be given by Jesus? 

For me, I so desperately seek acceptance, love, feeling as though I belong somewhere, and that I am safe.  I have spent a large chunk of my life seeking these things in the way I look, the accomplishments I’ve made, the career, the friends, the things I have.  All of these things make poor gods and empty me rather than fill me up and heal me.  

This is your invitation to Come and See what Jesus has to offer you.  Engage in the conversation with Him.  What is it that you seek?  Love?  Acceptance?  Kindness?  Safety?  Guidance?  Patience?  Healing? Joy?  Forgiveness?  Peace?  Goodness?  Faithfulness?  Self-Control?  Jesus can provide all of it.  I love how the conversation continues, and they are curious about Jesus, asking Him where He is staying.  Jesus answers, “Come and you will see.”  The men follow Him and stayed with Jesus the entire day.  After they spent time with Jesus, they went to tell others about Him. (John 1:39-42, paraphrased) Are you curious about Jesus?  Do you want to spend the time with Him to learn who He is?  We will never know who He is unless we Come and See by spending the time with him in meditation, prayer, reading The Bible, worship, and fellowship with other believers. 

It is my hope that this year brings us all to a deeper understanding of who Jesus is, and that He is the answer to what we are seeking.  I am excited to join in the journey to Come and See with you! 

Megan Sinisi is one of our Refres{her} bloggers. She describes herself as a 30-something year old lady who is still figuring out who the heck she is and sometimes worries she is just crazy. Megan is a most of the time stay at home mom of 3 precious little _ tyrants ͟ whom she loves more than her own breathe and wife to an amazing husband. She absolutely adores a good cup of coffee, chocolate and peanut butter combinations, coloring, being crafty, figuring out homeschooling her children, being silly and laughing with her husband, and chatting with friends about embarrassing moments and deep things at the same time. She has a love and fervor for writing and is walking in faith that God is calling her to use the passion and the gift He has given her. She hopes that her journey encourages, challenges, inspires, comforts, and most importantly, shines the light of Jesus and the reality of His love, grace, and mercy. More writings can be found on Megan's blog at: