Do You See Me

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“Look at me mom.”  “Mom, come see what I made.” “Look at my new trick.” “Watch me!” As a mom, I feel like I need four sets of eyes to follow my four children around our home to keep up with their requests to see them.  This is the stage in their life when they are searching and looking for validation in all they accomplish or do.  I’ll admit, much of the time I am saying “Yes, I see you,” as I continue stirring sauce on the stove or switching a load of laundry, desperate to accomplish two things at once.

But it isn’t only our children that make that the request for us to see them.  It is our spouse, our family, our friends, our co-workers, our churches, our neighbors.  We are constantly bombarded with invitations to birthday parties, baby showers, new homes, school performances, special services – all invitations to see, to validate. "Yes, I see you." 

We as moms desire that same validation.  I, as an enneagram #3 - a full-fledged achiever and performer, desire that same validation. It is a struggle for me, actually quite a deep struggle to feel the need to be seen when I am accomplishing all the tasks of life. So often I call out to God “Do you see what I did for you?” “Are you proud of me?” “Did that bring glory to your name?”

And in the quiet, when I bow my knee and humble my heart, that is when He whispers to me “I see you as you are.” The broken and always falling short parts of me.  That is what God sees and that is what He desires to hold together for me. My deepest desire is to rest in the assurance that God knows and sees me at my worst, yet still cares about me.  My humility is what brings glory to His name more than any list of accomplishments and sacrifices. If I can wrap my heart around that message then there is hope.  Hope that maybe I can extend that same grace/love/compassion to my family and friends.  If I can hear from him:

 Yes, I see you in your brokenness and I love you for who are you. No, you do not need to achieve, create, or bring anything to me. Just come as you are – and see the gift I offer to you. See the peace I desire to bestow upon you. See the salvation I extend to you.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God” Matthew 5:8 (CSV)

Melissa Jackson has been married to her college sweetheart, LD for 14 years and they reside in Charlotte, NC.  Melissa is a biological mom of 3, an adoptive mom of 1, and sometimes a foster mom and host mom to exchange students.  They also share their home with Melissa's parents.  Their home is an ever revolving door and they are so thankful to be able to live with hands and hearts open to whatever God calls them to.  Melissa has served on staff at churches as well as in leadership roles as a volunteer and has a passion for providing opportunities for others to be the hands and feet of Christ.  Melissa began documenting their life of radical faith after her husband left corporate America to do ministry and they became foster parents.  More about their journey can be found at