Even If…God is Holy

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Sometimes, life is nuts. Full blown nuts. Let me rephrase that, sometimes I’m full blown nuts. I swear a cray cray person crept into my house and made their home inside my head this week. I was edgy, irritable, and completely over the top crazy toward my husband. You know the kind of day…the kind of day where your husband just wants to do a really nice thing for you so he does the laundry while you are at work. You come home, drop on the couch exhausted and he says, “honey, this will make you feel better. I did all the laundry.” And then you notice the basketful of clothes and you hold up your brand-new romper that used to fit you perfectly and now is a size 0. Seriously, when was I ever a size zero??? So, you in all your cray cray go off on your husband asking him how he could do this to your favorite romper, does he not even know how to do laundry? Oh yes, not my finest moment. Like I said, I was nuts. So in all my maturity I stomped off and went to my room, shut the door, climbed into bed and just wanted to fall into never never land. Thirty minutes later my husband quietly came into the room and handed me his cell phone. He said, “please look at this.”  I looked at his phone and you know what he did? He had reordered my romper and was having it sent express to be here in 3 days. Through my tears, I choked out an “I’m sorry for being so crazy” and a “thank you”.  Then he said, “did you look at the order confirmation?” So I did. Not only had he ordered me the romper that was ruined, but he ordered me another one in a different pattern as well.

Even If….God is holy. You may be thinking, “what does this have to do with anything?” Well, you see – in my even if, I became a hot mess. But God didn’t. My husband didn’t either, but that’s a blog for another day. My point is:

God’s holiness is not circumstantial. God isn’t holy only when the environment is right. When the laundry doesn’t shrink. When everything goes His way.  

God’s holiness is not conditional. God isn’t holy only when I’m on my best behavior. When I do everything exactly right. When I don’t lose my cool.

God’s holiness is not dependent on a list of do’s and don’ts. God’s holiness just is because this is the nature of God. God is Holy. Even if.     

God. Is. Holy. Period.

And this is what God calls us to walk in. Sometimes we live up to it, and sometimes the cray cray gets the best of us and we totally blow it. I’m so relieved to know that my mess up doesn’t change the character of God. God is holy. I’m so thankful that when we do get knocked off course by our craziness, God stays the course. He reaches out to us and says – Come on. Let’s go. Get back on. Take another step. Let’s try this again. And when we do, when we ask him to forgive us of our crazy and we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and determine to walk worthy, He goes and shows us just how holy He is. He blesses us. He restores us. He sets our paths straight. He pours peace into our soul. It’s almost like God not only replaces our romper, but He blesses us with another one, completely unexpected and completely undeserved. But isn’t this totally in line with His character? For He is a God of holiness who gives good gifts to His children. He’s a good, good Father – that’s who He is.

Father, thank you for being holy, all the time, regardless of my behavior.

Lord, help me to be more like you, even if. Help my even ifs to not derail me but to draw me closer to you.

Thank you God for being so good, for blessing me and loving me.

You are God, You are Holy. Thank you for being my God.

Robin Smith has a passion for equipping people to see their strengths and to lead with their unique God given gifts.  She has spent the last 15 years in higher education, focusing on developing student leaders and equipping students with the skills they need to be successful in the pursuit of their education and careers.  
    Robin has recently transitioned out of higher education to pursue her heart’s passion to help equip women coming out of trafficking as the Program Director at Refuge for Women Las Vegas. Robin serves on the Ignite Life board, volunteers with Refresher for Women and Refresher Girls and teaches the evening class of Speaker's Workshop. She loves to teach the word of God and empower people to live victoriously on their journey with Jesus.
    Robin and her husband Homer have been married for 31 years. They enjoy God’s creation by hiking, walking, or simply enjoying the sun with a good book. They have two children, Jenna and Ryne, three grandchildren, Alex, Dylan and Vincent and 1 cat - Cedar.