The Promises Yet Fulfilled

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I moved to Las Vegas almost exactly two years ago. The year before that, I spent my summer here interning for the church that I now work for. I remember the moment that summer the Lord called me to move to Las Vegas; my heart was so full of excitement and hope. Fear wasn't present for that moment. I had caught the heart of Heaven and nothing was gonna slow me down. ...right?

I returned back to Virginia to finish my last year of college and couldn’t get Vegas out of my mind. All of my screensavers were of the strip, all of my walls were covered in Grace City paraphernalia. But I had one BIG question for the Lord… was He really asking me to be a missionary who lives on support, working in full time ministry… as a single woman? Like many good Christian girls at Liberty University, I was there for my B.S. degree. But also, for my M.R.S. as well. As a freshman, I would walk into class dreaming of locking eyes with ‘the one,’ knowing right away, and getting married while still in school (as many LU girls do!). But senior year was in full swing and honestly- I had never even been asked to coffee.

I remember the stillness of the moment, sitting in a little nook in my closet that I had decorated with scripture and twinkle lights, asking the Lord, “Am I really going to do this as a single woman? All alone?”

I felt the presence of God surround me and I heard the Lord say to my heart, “It’s gonna be just you and Me for a little.” He then gave me a picture of His hand, strong and sure, yet tender and kind, taking hold of my hand. My hands that were aching all through senior year because I was struggling so hard with anxiety that I was clenching my fists in my sleep, my hands that would shake from panic attacks a year later after serving in a refugee camp, my hands that try to solve my own problems with striving… He took my hand. Jesus knew that I wasn’t walking in the story I had dreamed of and He wasn’t offended by that. He simply took me by the hand and lead me on.

It’s been two years. Two years of Him being the best husband in the world. He’s shown me where in my heart I was wanting some mystery man to come in and complete me or fix me… and He showed me that He had always been THAT man. He’s shown me that there is so much beauty in the waiting. There’s so much goodness in it. I get to rely on Him for completely and 100% of everything. He is the one I was always looking for- even when I already had Him.

The ache in my heart to be a wife, and someday a mom, is still there. There are still days I ask Him about the word He gave me- how much longer will it be just me and Him? But then I remember that although there was a time that I wasn’t living out my dream life… I was walking in a better plan- HIS dreams for me FAR outweigh what I had planned for my life. He has filled my heart with HIS dreams and has shown me the joy within the promises yet fulfilled.

“But those who wait for the Lord [who expect, look for, and hope in Him] Will gain new strength and renew their power; They will lift up their wings [and rise up close to God] like eagles [rising toward the sun]; They will run and not become weary, They will walk and not grow tired.” (Isaiah 40:31 AMP)

Liafaith Fischer is a Refres{her} blogger for Ignite Life. She is a 24 year old singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but has made Las Vegas her home. She feels called to communicate that not only is brokenness beautiful but it is what brings the lonely together and is what draws us closest to Christ. She does this through original songs, which can be found on her debut EP, Wander, and on her blog- She also works full time for Grace City Church as a worship leader and as their worship/production coordinator.