God Is My Defender

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I fall more and more in love with God every time I learn about another one of His amazing attributes. Each attributes reveals His mighty love for his creation, so vast, wide, and bigger than I can comprehend. Yet, He meets us in such specific and personal ways as he reveals this enormous love.

I am just coming out of a season where I discovered God as my Defender.  I struggled with knowing this attribute about God because I wasn’t able to see it or tangibly realize it. I knew I SHOULD trust in Him. My encouraging friends tried to help me believe it. Ah! So frustrating! Like a warm blanket right out of the dryer, this truth was warm and comforting but only lasted for a moment, then it faded. I was not experiencing God as my defender. I wasn’t able to see it. I started to ask God very specific questions. One day I remember that I wrote this in my journal,

“Good morning Lord, Yes it’s me again. I am back still asking the same question. When and how are you going to be my defender in this defeated place I find myself in? I am coming back every single morning until I understand.”  In Jesus’ name Amen.

For me, sometimes I need my lessons S P E L L E D out and drawn on paper in 3D to really understand simple concepts. God as my Defender came to life over the last few months through one defeat after another. He did exactly what I needed. He S P E L L E D it out and drew it in 3D for me through trail and tribulation. Now, I get to share it with you!  Here are just 4 hard questions I asked God and the 4 specific answers He revealed to me.  There are more than 4 ways to completely rely on God. This is simply a place to begin practicing his principals and His ways when you need a defender, whether it’s from the outside world or from within your own mind!

1.   What do you do when you feel rejected?

Is there anything more painful than rejection? For some of us the pain of rejection runs deep and the enemy can easily taunt us, spin our world creating defeat and hopelessness. Shame, guilt and worthlessness are all weapons of destruction when you feel rejected. Rejection starts a negative thought provoking fire that turns into self-defeat. The healing comes with the understanding that God accepts you. Spend some time contemplating his love for you. Let God defend you to you. Find your voice, speak up- speak back to the defeated thoughts that follow rejection. You are accepted, loved and you belong to God. Ask God to convince you of His love for you and you will never feel rejected again.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
John 3:16 NIV

2.   Help, our communication has gone wrong!

Can you think of a time when a simple disagreement ended in a blowout argument? I am sure that either you or your counterpart decided it was time for some self-defense. That is usually the clue that the conversation has spiraled out of control. Remember, God your defender? When you find that you are trying to defend yourself, it’s usually because someone is trying to make a case against you. In Luke 20 we are given a few scenarios of when the Pharisees were questioning Jesus and trying to trip him up. I love how Jesus answers his accusers. Take a peek at Luke 20 and notice how He diffuses the Pharisees with truth. Jesus keeps the communication from getting heated.  Proverbs 15:1 NIV “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. You have the power to diffuse an argument; no one needs to be defeated!

3.   Why do I keep experiencing the same affliction over and over?

Does it seem like someone is following you around just waiting for an opportunity to pour salt in your open wound? The cycle of pain and defeat just won’t end in one specific area in your life? Do you want to pick up a bullhorn and shout STOP IT to anyone who will listen?  God wants to defend you. God will defend you and needs your cooperation! Know your weaknesses. Ephesians 6:10-18, this is a spiritual war, put on the full Armor of God and make sure you are using the right piece of armor for your weakness. He knows that we tenderly and gentle carry his message of love to the world. He also knows that there is an enemy who desires to devour us. Matthew 10:16 NIV “Look, I am sending you out like sheep among wolves; therefore be as innocent as doves.”

4.   How can I pray?

Prayer is your time to have fellowship with God. It is important to pray with as much honesty and truth as you can muster up. God knows everything about you. He even knows things about you that you are not aware of yet. He knows your friends and your enemies. Through it all He wants to stretch your heart so you can receive more and more of His love. Psalm 91 is a beautiful and intimate Psalm of protection which reveals the loving attribute of God as your defender. Meditate on it. Allow it to absorb into your soul until all fear and anxiety melt away. 

I realized that God can certainly defend us supernaturally without our participation. He defends us daily in situations and circumstances that we don’t even know about! However there are practical tools S P E L L E D out and drawn in 3D story form in the Bible that create an opportunity for us to  collaborate with God so we can walk in freedom!   

 Sheri Page has been married to her husband for 10 years and cherishes their blended family of 6 adult children and 9 grandchildren. She has worked in and alongside ministries for over 30 years. She has served many roles with in the walls of a church including, a Women’s Ministry director and assistant to a Care Pastor where she served people who were walking through Baptism, Celebrate Recovery, Divorce Care and benevolence. Sheri loves to share her curiosity and unique understanding of life with Jesus by her side. She is a 5 year breast cancer survivor and considers that experience to be the one of the greatest gifts God has given her. More writings from Sheri can be found on her blog: https://thelordsdwellingplace.com/