You Were Created for Greatness

Way back in high school I can vaguely remember that I was voted, “Most likely to be promoted.” What in the world does that mean? Why not “Most likely to succeed”? Better question yet, how did they see that in me? They must have known that there was something about me, the way I walked, the way I talked and the things I did that destined me to be promoted. Sure enough, I’ve seen many promotions in life! It’s a strange feeling to know that people can see things in you that you can’t see in yourself. What do people see in you? What is your hardwiring? Are you prewired with personality and characteristics that make you destined for greatness?

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Of course you are, especially if you love Jesus with your whole heart, mind and soul! Romans 8:29 tells us that we are predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son.  So that must mean before we were born, God had a big plan to create us to look like His Son. Not immediately, it says we will be conformed. In other words, there is a harmonious transformation until there is similarity and likeness to Jesus. Now, I would have loved to be voted that in high school!

Can you think of anything more lovely or beautiful than being destined for this kind of greatness? Somehow in this life we think the goal of life is acquiring the greatness of success, importance and achievements. We strive and press towards measurable goals that fulfill our own purpose and understanding. Have you considered that you were made for one single purpose? You were made for God’s own pleasure and there is no greater thing than that!

Dr. Henry Drummond, who wrote “The Natural and The Supernatural,” said that there is within the very protoplasm of man those little tentacles that are reaching out for God. Man was made for God. Man can never be satisfied until he is in union with God.

Since I am a type A personality I usually have a plan for my plan. I often get strung up and hung up when things don’t go according to my plans. It is sweet music to my soul to remember and recall that my real destination is not to live out my own pleasure, pursuing what is practical, but to keep reaching for God with every tentacle I have. It really doesn’t matter if my plans are executed perfectly; the satisfaction I am looking for won’t be found there. Instead it will be found in the harmonious transformation from glory to glory (step by step) into the likeness of Jesus. This is the greatest and most satisfying pursuit.

It is comical to consider the polarity of purpose. My purpose verses God’s. My purpose is to plan every detail and strive to live life without an error. God’s purpose is to use every error I make and some I don’t to transform me into His likeness, for His pleasure. God’s purpose for us is our most satisfying destination. He loves us so much that he will turn us upside down and inside out to accomplish this.

Are you striving to be voted, “Most likely to succeed”? Are you ready to fully surrender to God’s greatest and highest plan for your life? You were created to God’s pleasure. You my dear loved one, you were created for greatness!

Sheri Page has been married to her husband for 10 years and cherishes their blended family of 6 adult children and 9 grandchildren. She has worked in and alongside ministries for over 30 years. She has served many roles with in the walls of a church including, a Women’s Ministry director and assistant to a Care Pastor where she served people who were walking through Baptism, Celebrate Recovery, Divorce Care and benevolence. Sheri loves to share her curiosity and unique understanding of life with Jesus by her side. She is a 5 year breast cancer survivor and considers that experience to be the one of the greatest gifts God has given her. More writings from Sheri can be found on her blog: