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Kids complaining about being bored in the car? Turn on a movie. Kids won’t sit quietly at a restaurant? Hand em an iPad. Kids are getting great grades and their homework is done? A couple hours of video games is fine. But is it really? How much screen time is too much? Where is the line? Today, we know that screen time has significant motor, cognitive, mental health and social impacts on children. So much more than we may have realized. But when you just NEED A DANG MINUTE... it’s hard to say no. This session will talk about the impacts of screen time on our children’s behavior, and share tips for how to pull back when you’re in too deep.

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Danny and Carly Aldis
have been married for 15 years. They met in college at University of Nevada, Reno working with severely emotionally disturbed children in a self contained day treatment classroom. They have three girls ages 18, 17 and 6. Danny retired as a parole and probation after 10 years of service and went back to graduate school at Touro University to become an Occupational Therapist. Carly worked in Child Welfare for 10 years as a case manager and went back to school to become a mental health therapist. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in children and families. Danny and Carly own Revival Therapy which provides mental health and occupational therapy services to adults, children and families. Danny, Carly and their girls attend Anthem Community Church and love being engaged and living in community.